A Temporary Goodbye to NYC

For the past three years I've lived in New York City, and in the past year, in a lovely East Village apartment with Michael. (Michael is my huggle-buddy, wifey, bff, bamf extraordinair. Here's a photo.)


My dad, brother, and Michael moved the contents of said apartment into a car, and now everything's back in CT (including me!)

Living in NYC has been such a blast, and I'll certainly miss the day-to-day life. I'll still be commuting in for class and work a few days a week, but of course it's not the same. Yesterday and today I made sure to stop by some of my favorite places. I made trips to the Italian bakery, my favorite coffee shop, the view from under the Manhattan bridge, and just wandered all over. Mostly, I'll miss getting to see some of my close friends on a daily basis. But hey! I'm also super excited to be living in CT with my family this year because now I get the best of both worlds.